Amy Klobuchar Fires Back at Trump Calling Dem VP Pick Kamala Harris ‘Nasty’ and ‘Angry’: ‘I Just Think That’s Crap’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar fired off an obscenity — okay, a watered-down Midwest version of one — at President Donald Trump on Tuesday, after he insulted the newly-announced Democratic vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris.

Appearing on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier, Klobuchar took issue with Trump’s somewhat rambling attacks on Harris in his White House press conference just minutes earlier. When asked to respond to Biden’s pick of the California senator, Trump had offered some vague criticism of Harris wanting raise taxes and cut funds for the military before he attacked her over her aggressive questioning of Brett Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court nomination hearing in 2018. He went on to call her “nasty,” “angry,” and “disrespectful,” reprising many of the same insults the has lobbed at numerous female journalists and powerful women who have challenged or disagreed with him, including Harris back in May 2019.

Baier, early in the interview, asked Klobuchar about Harris’ own failed presidential primary run and how she didn’t seem to satisfy either of the moderate or progressive wings of the party. “She failed in her presidential campaign because Democrats didn’t think she was authentic and that she couldn’t find her lane,” Baier said. “How do you respond to that criticism?”

“Well, first of all, I know her and I will vouch for her,” said Klobuchar, who ran her own ultimately unsuccessful 2020 bid. “She is authentic. I know her family. I know her husband. She can be a lot of fun. She is someone who has a zest for life and also knows how to make tough decisions. So, that’s my first answer.”

“The second thing is, I guess all of us failed if you don’t win and that’s because Joe Biden won,” Klobuchar added. “Every single one of us endorsed him with joy because we think it is so important to get behind a candidate, whether a Democrat, Republican or Independent, someone to bring decency and dignity and confidence and compassion to the White House.”

Baier then brought up Harris’ tough scrutiny of Kavanaugh during his nomination process and the backlash lobbed at the California senator.

“She showed grace under pressure like she always does,” Klobuchar said of Harris. “For the president to go before the country like he just did and not just say ‘I congratulate her. We welcome her to the race.’ That is what leaders do. Instead, what did he do? He called her ‘angry,’ ‘nasty,’ he went back to the same criticisms with the words we have heard him use against women throughout this presidency.”

“I just think that is crap,” Klobuchar said, directing her fire at the president. “That is not a nice way to treat someone when they enter the race. And if someone who knows her, I would never use those adjectives to describe her. I would use the word tough. I think that is good. I would use the word with someone who has grit and strength. I think we want that in a vice president. I use the word experience, and she served on the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate and is ready to take on foreign policy like you would like in a vice president.”

When Baier noted that Trump often defends his insults and put-downs as “counter-punching,” Klobuchar landed a counterpunch of her own.

“I would rather have a president who doesn’t describe themselves in that way,” Klobuchar said, clearly exasperated. “I want to have a leader in the White House.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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