Andrew Yang Debate Zinger on What He’d Say to Putin If He Wins: ‘Sorry I Beat Your Guy’


At the fifth Democratic primary debate, candidate Andrew Yang fired off a zinger after being asked what he would say to Russian President Vladimir Putin after having defeated President Donald Trump in 2020: “Sorry I beat your guy… or not sorry.”

Yang was responding to a question from Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker, Yang made a not-so-subtle reference to Trump’s professed foreign policy favoritism for Russia and the years-long investigation of his 2016 campaign that the intelligence community has concluded was externally aided by interference from Russia.

“Mr. Yang, if you win the 2020 election, what would you say in your first call with Russian president Vladimir Putin?” Parker asked.

After a long pause and chuckle, Yang replied: “Well, first I’d say I’m sorry I beat your guy,” eliciting laugher and applause.

“Or not sorry,” he added seconds later, almost in unison with Sen. Elizabeth Warren who he traded glances with next to him. “And second I would say the days of meddling in American elections are over, and we will take any undermining of our democratic processes as an act of hostility and aggression. The American people would back me on this. We know they found an underbelly and they’ve been clawing at it. And it’s made it so we can’t even trust our democracy. The third thing I would say is that we’re going to live up to our international commitments. We’re going to recommit to our partnerships and alliances including nato. And it was James Mattis that said the more you invest in diplomats and diplomacy the less you have to spend on ammunition. That has to help build a consensus not just against Russia, but build a coalition that would help us put pressure against China in terms of treatment of their ethnic minorities and what’s going on in Hong Kong.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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