Biden Hits Democratic Rivals, Touts Obama’s Past Support: I’ll Take His Judgment of My Record Over Anyone Else’s


Former Vice President Joe Biden touted President Barack Obama’s past support in a speech Friday, hitting back at Democratic rivals like Sen. Kamala Harris who have hit his past record.

“If you look at the issues I’ve been attacked on, nearly every one of them somehow has something to do with before 2008. As if my opponents want you to believe I served from 1972 until 2008 and then took a hiatus the next eight years. They don’t want to talk much about my time as vice president,” Biden said Saturday in South Carolina.

Biden has seen a dip in the polls following an appearance at the first Democratic primary debates where he was attacked by Harris for his past record on busing.

“I was vetted by [Obama] and 10 serious lawyers … who looked at every single thing in my background,” Biden said. “And he selected me. I’ll take his judgment about my record and my ability to do my job over anyone else’s.”

“I don’t pretend to have gotten everything right,” Biden said. “I’ve made the best decisions I’ve could.”

Biden also related a story about being asked by “Barack” to lead the charge on many pushes to help with economic recovery and criminal justice reform during the Obama presidency.

“This isn’t a game, know in your bones this election is different,” Biden continued, urging the point of the election is the defeat of President Donald Trump.

Watch above, via CNN.

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