Bill Maher to Tim Ryan: Isn’t It ‘Kind of Hard’ for Democrats to Run on the Economy?


In speaking with 2020 candidate Congressman Tim Ryan Friday night, Bill Maher asked if Democrats can really run on the economy when it’s “not horrible” overall.

As Ryan laid out the case for himself, he said, “I understand what the American people are going through. I hear all this happy talk about the economy, the stock market’s up, the unemployment rate’s down. The reality of it is most people are still struggling to make ends meet.”

He said he wants the economy to be “working for working-class people.”

Maher asked Ryan how he’s different from the other Democrats saying the same thing. “I know what direction we need to go in,” Ryan said. “I know where the economy’s going.”

“Where?” Maher asked.

“Right now, nowhere,” Ryan said.

Maher jumped in again and said, “The economy’s not horrible. 4.4% is the unemployment rate in Ohio. It’s kind of hard to run against the economy in Ohio, isn’t it?”

“No,” Ryan said, “because the average wage has only gone up 20 bucks a week.”

“Wages did finally rise,” Maher countered.

“After how many years?” Ryan asked.

“But Trump is president for two years, we can’t ignore that fact,” Maher said. “Finally wages went up. He was the guy in the office at the time. He’s gonna run on that.”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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