Bill Weld Doesn’t Believe Trump Is Serious About Governing: ‘He Has a One-Word Environmental Policy…Hoax’

Republican Presidential hopeful Bill Weld appeared on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning and shared some harsh criticism of the incumbent candidate he is challenging in the GOP primary, President Donald Trump.

While the odds of Weld winning the GOP nomination are slim to nill, he does potentially present a serious political concern to Trump 2020, evidenced by his interview with host Alisyn Camerota here.

Weld suggested that Trump doesn’t take on the role of commander in chief with the gravity it deserves saying that he wasn’t so sure how serious Trump is about governing. In support of that thesis, he then pointed to Trump’s environmental policy, which Weld reduced to one word: “hoax.”

Weld is a moderate Republican — and former Governor of the state of Massachusetts — and his reasonable critique from a moderate, centrist, or even “Rockefeller Republican” position can do some political damage to Trump’s standing in the middle of the political spectrum, which could hurt him in the general election in November 2020.

Watch above via CNN.


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