Bloomberg Wins Democratic AND Republican Dixville Notch NH Primary Vote With Three Write-Ins (One GOP)


Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who is not even on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary, scored an unexpected victory in the traditional, midnight vote in tiny Dixville Notch, getting three write-in ballots (one of them Republican) out of the five cast.

Bloomberg beat out fellow 2020 Democratic rivals Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, who got one vote each on the Democratic side. No other Democrat received any votes. Likewise, President Donald Trump got zero votes and so Bloomberg could claim victory in that party’s primary result as well.

As might be surmised by its extremely small sample size, Dixville Notch has a mixed record of predicting state-wide success in the New Hampshire primary. For example, Sanders beat Hillary Clinton four votes to none in the tiny hamlet, and he also crushed her by 20 points in the total vote state-wide. But John Kasich edged out Trump three votes to two in Dixville Notch that year, even though Trump handily defeated the former Ohio governor by nearly two to one in the final results.

Nevertheless, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Brian Williams were struck by the former New York City mayor’s showing, since Sanders and Buttigieg have steadily tracked in first and second-place in every poll and Bloomberg has barely registered in polls there.

“That is very interesting. That is what you are hearing from a lot of people in New Hampshire, even in Iowa I was hearing people curious about Bloomberg,” Kornacki said. “He’s not on the ballot, and yet there’s this murmuring. And you saw it in the national polls. He is really rising in a way that I’ve never seen a candidate.”

“Steve Kornacki, almost as unusual as writing in ‘Bloomberg,’” look at that,” Williams pointed out. “It’s been written in as a Republican and written in as a Democrat. His Democratic standing is overwhelming his Republican standing by 100%.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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