Brianna Keilar Goes Off: The Trump Team Is Accusing Military Families of Engaging in Voter Fraud!


The Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans this week wrote a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr claiming to have names of slightly over 3000 people “who appear to have improperly cast” their mail-in ballots in the election. Ric Grenell said

One problem with that, according to multiple news reports, is that the list they included “contains hundreds of overseas military post office boxes and more than 1,000 locations where military personnel are stationed” but can still legally vote in the state.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who has talked openly before about being a military spouse, went off on the Trump team for this stunning oversight.

Keilar showed off the list of supposed fraud to her viewers and explained there are some key abbreviations on the list that every military family would recognize.”

“APO” is short for “Army Post Office” and “FPO” is “Fleet Post Office,” and as Keilar explained, “If you’ve ever sent mail to a deployed service member or one who’s stationed overseas, you’re going to recognize that abbreviation.

“When my kids and I sent my husband care packages while he was deployed to Afghanistan recently, we sent it to an APO. You don’t send the mail for Afghanistan or Germany or wherever when it’s going to a military base,” Keilar said.

She counted APO appearing 130 times on the list, along with other recognizable abbreviations like “AE”:

“It’s a wonder that a lawyer didn’t catch that and Google it and discover that it stands for Armed Forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada. There’s also AP listed as a state in some of these cases, Armed Forces in the Pacific. That’s what that means. There’s also DPO, which is diplomatic post office. That is for diplomats serving overseas.”

“These are Americans serving their countries. They’re already jumping through the hoops of voting absentee and they now appear to be flagged for possibly committing voter fraud,” she said. “Voters with addresses on military bases are in this list.”

She ran through some bases featured on the list and said they also found voters on the list “who have home addresses on other bases” as well.

“Most military families, though, keep in mind, they actually live off-base. They’re in civilian communities near military bases,” Keilar said. “All of which appear over and over on this list, along with other cities that are near military installations.”

“So it seems very likely these voters listed here did not actually commit voter fraud.”

A Trump campaign spokesperson apparently responded to CNN by saying, “Due to privacy concerns, we have not shared and will not share the list of names with the public. We have no way to confirm whether a small number of these voters fall under an exemption, which is why we referred it to the authorities for further investigation. All valid voters’ votes should be counted.”

“That statement, as my grandpa would say, is pucky,” Keilar said. “The Trump campaign and its lawyers won’t share the names of those voters with us, but they know them, and they could easily confirm if these active-duty military family members are on this list. I mean, I could do that in a second. They just don’t want to.”

Keilar then spoke with one military spouse, Amy Rose, who currently lives in California but used to live with Nevada with her husband and that is where they voted. Rose told Keilar she realized that her family is included on the list and explained that the issue of their residency is very common among military families.

“There’s no way they’re going to accuse a military family who obviously has the right to vote there of that, but sure enough…”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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