Chris Hayes Slams Republican Silence on Trump Election Chaos: GOP Said During Impeachment ‘Let the Voters Decide’… and They Did


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called out Republican senators Friday night for continued silence on President Donald Trump’s attacks on the election.

Some Republican senators, including Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse, have been very vocal in denouncing the Trump team’s efforts to stir up baseless claims about the election. But many have been silent or more muted on that front. The Washington Post reached out to every Republican senator for comment and only a few got back to them.

Hayes said Friday, “Despite how overwhelmingly clear it is that Joe Biden will be the next president, the current shame of the Republican party is the almost-universal silence about what the voters have decided.”

“The vast majority of national Republican leaders continue to drag their heels, many have become complicit participants in Trump’s feeble attempt to subvert the election,” he added.

Hayes then reminded viewers that during the impeachment saga, a line many Republicans used in opposing the president’s impeachment was “this shouldn’t be up to us, let the voters decide.”

He ran a montage of Republicans from John Cornyn to Lindsey Graham to Marco Rubio to Chuck Grassley to Tim Scott to Ted Cruz who made a point of saying, in saying why they would vote against convicting the president, that the American people will decide in the election.

“Okay. We had one. We had an election. The voters decided. And so, now all those senators… be showing some deference, some respect for the decision,” Haye s said. “I mean, they told us this was the thing to do, and we went out and did it, and now what? Now what?!”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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