CNN’s Van Jones Shreds Biden For ‘Unacceptable’ Answer on Race: He ‘Took the Heart Out of the Civil Rights Movement’

CNN host Van Jones tore into former Vice President Joe Biden, saying he argued in favor of state’s rights during the debate and “took the heart out of the civil rights movement.”

Jones was speaking with a CNN panel debating the performances of candidates on stage Thursday night when he mentioned Biden’s defense of busing policies and working with segregationists to Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Let me say as an African-American, why that was just unacceptable. That very argument was the argument that was used that the federal government should leave us,” Jones said. “So he just took the heart out of the civil rights movement with that argument. Our plea was that we are one the Constitution applies to all of us, and we want the federal government to stand with us and against the local racists.”

Jones also noted it was “heartbreaking” for Biden to again not apologize for his warm remembrances of working with segregationists.

“My heart breaks about it at a personal level because all he had to do was say: ‘you know what? I think I was wrong there.’ If he had just said, ‘you know what, Kamala? I think I was wrong then, and I’ve learned something, and I’ve learned something from talking to people like you.'”

“It was a heartbreaking moment,” Jones said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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