Fox’s Brit Hume Praises Jill Biden’s Speech, Calls Her ‘Very Likable’ in Contrast with Michelle Obama’s ‘Hard, Angry Edge’


Fox News’ Brit Hume offered kind words for Jill Biden’s “tremendously effective” speech on the second night of the Democratic National Convention, but then he immediately contrasted her “very likable” demeanor to the “hard, angry edge” of Michelle Obama’s speech the night before.

In the network’s post-convention coverage roundup, Hume weighed in on the potential First Lady’s speech, in which she confronted the effects of the coronavirus on the nation’s schools and made a case for her husband as the person to lead the country out of the pandemic.

“I think this speech tonight by Jill Biden was tremendously effective in the sense that it didn’t have a hard angry edge that we heard last night from Michelle Obama,” Hume said in his analysis. “She highlighted things about Joe Biden’s character and temperament that were touched on by others, which are real, and which both parties have recognized in him for a long time.”

“He is a very decent guy, he is a nice guy,” Hume continued. “He is not an unforgiving guy, and the strength of that he showed it in recovering from the tragedies that he’s had in his life is a meaningful quality. And the ability he has to deal with others, to make friends, to do business with political adversaries is a valuable quality as well and that came through in her and I think she came across as very likable tonight.”

In 2016, Hume sparked outrage when he archly panned then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s performance at the first debate, knocking her as “composed, smug, and not necessarily attractive.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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