Frank Luntz Calls it Early: Bernie Sanders is Most Likely Democrat Nominee in 2020


Republican pollster Frank Luntz says the public is really “frustrated with being left behind,” and it’s why Sen. Bernie Sanders did so well in the 2016 primary “and why he is the most likely nominee in 2020.”

Speaking with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on MediaBuzz, Luntz contends “capitalism itself has been so demonized by the media, it no longer functions as an economic system. And if you want to oppose socialism, you oppose it by talking about freedom, not capitalism.”

“I’m gonna get chewed out by Rush Limbaugh, but for the wrong reasons,” Luntz said. “It’s not that the principles of capitalism are dead, in fact the principles of economic freedom are alive and well.”

Kurtz noted about half of Trump voters, according to polling, support Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) proposal to impose a 70 percent marginal tax rate on the top one percent of Americans.

“The public is really frustrated with being forgotten left behind, and those two notions are not just alive on the right, which elected Donald Trump,” Luntz noted. “But also on the left,” noting that he believes this is the reason why Sanders did so well in 2016 and why Luntz thinks he will be the 2020 nominee.

Luntz went on to say that Republicans should hope that Sanders will be the nominee in 2020, “and not someone like Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett, who there is no issue about socialism.”

(Watch above, via Fox News)

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