Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Dismisses Attacks from GOP, Trump: ‘I Have My Job to Do… Integrity Still Matters’


The Republican Secretary of State in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, said Wednesday night he has seen no evidence of widespread voter fraud in his state.

There have been allegations of voter fraud in Georgia, and both Republican senators have called on the secretary of state to resign.

Raffensperger spoke with Wolf Blitzer to talk about the state’s hand recount of ballots that he ordered and the plans for a statewide audit.

Blitzer noted how Joe Biden currently leads President Donald Trump in Georgia by roughly 14,000 votes. “Are you aware, Mr. Secretary, of any recount in Georgia’s history that overturned a margin that large?”

Raffensperger said, “I’m not aware of any. But we will do our statewide recount.”

Blitzer asked, “Have you seen any evidence of the widespread fraud or anything along those lines?”

“We have ongoing investigations but we have not seen something widespread of a large nature, nothing in the order of over 10,000,” Raffensperger responded.

Blitzer brought up the calls from both senators for him to resign and asked, “Have either of them provided you specifics of any serious allegations to this vote count?”

Raffensperger said they have not.

When asked why they’re going after him, he said, “You’d have to ask them directly. I’m focused on making sure we can finish up this election and get our results certified by November 20th… This is a very close race and people that were on one side of the aisle don’t like the results and I get that. I’m a Republican. But the results will be the results.”

At one point Blitzer also asked him about the president attacking another Republican election official and whether he’s concerned he could be targeted too.

“I have my job to do and I’ll follow it faithfully. I think integrity still matters,” he responded.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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