GOP Spox Trashes Fox News Poll While On Fox News: It’s ‘Slanted Towards the Democrat’

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington appeared on America’s News HQ on Saturday and trashed the latest poll from Fox News showing Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump; the same poll that Trump attacked on Friday.

Anchor Leland Vittert opened the segment by introducing the poll results once more. It shows the president trailing his Democratic rival 48-40. Trump went off on Fox News over the poll, retweeting White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino‘s image of a 2016 poll showing Hillary Clinton ahead by ten.

On Fox News on Saturday, through quite a lot of technical interference over the connection, Harrington likewise brought up 2016 polls.

“I’m starting to think you guys are calling the same 1,000 people who said Hillary Clinton was going to win by ten points in 2016,” said Harrington, getting the gist if not the details right.

“These polls have been notoriously inaccurate–” she began to say, but Vittert interrupted with an objection.

“Liz, hold on, we go through this every time when we talk about polling, he said. “At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton was up by a couple points in the national average, the RCP polling before the election. She won the national vote by a couple points. Isn’t there some reason to say something other than just ‘the polling’s bad’?”

Harrington’s reply was butchered by her connection, but she said “historically inaccurate” in reference to polling from Fox News, and disputed the finding by saying that “when you look at the facts on the ground and you look at the energy we’re seeing, President Trump is growing with support.”

As the connection cleared a bit, Harrington said it is “interesting in your poll that’s slanted towards the Democrat, it polls more Democrats than Republicans, Joe Biden still doesn’t win on his signature issue of who would you prefer on the economy.”

The two then discussed fundraising, and Harrington talked about the ongoing story of Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments, before returning to the poll result and whether it’s better to go into the election as an “underdog,” during which discussion Harrington referred to Trump as a “real outsider” who “fights.”

Watch the clip above, from Fox News Channel.

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