Greg Gutfeld Analogizes the Chaotic First Debate to the Success of ‘The Five’: ‘Nobody Wants to Hear About Policy If There’s Fireworks Outside’


The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld favorably compared his show to the widely-panned, but highly-rated first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, claiming that the Fox program gets better ratings when the panelists get into verbal shouting matches with each other rather than calmly discuss policy.

The segment had begun with Gutfeld and other conservatives dismissing the new proposal from the Commission for Presidential Debates to subject candidates’ microphones to a mute button going forward. The move was prompted by the near-universal condemnation of the 90-minute shoutfest on Tuesday, in which Trump continually interrupted Biden as well as Fox News moderator Chris Wallace. Media figures colorfully blasted the debate as a “shit show” and  “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside of a train wreck.” Even Republican Senators ripped the often completely unintelligible event as “exhausting,” an “embarrassment,” and “awful.”

Gutfeld, on the other hand, wanted no changes to the debate format, saying: “I can’t wait for the next debate. It’s going to be great.”

Co-panelist Juan Williams countered by noting how many people said they were turned off by the debate’s “horrid” and “un-American” tone, as one focus group put it.

“The American people are being ill served by a bunch of people screaming and being rude to each other,” Williams said, before referring to the debate’s 67 million viewers. “A lot of people just got turned off by it. You see it in the numbers. I expected even a bigger audience. We got a great audience, but I think a lot of people just said, ‘What’s with all the shouting? Why is Trump constantly breaking up and being rude?”

Rather than argue the point, Gutfeld seemed to accept that an angry, combative tone is better because, he suggested, it brings in more viewers.

“As contentious as The Five gets, our ratings are always better when we go at it, I hate to say it, but that’s true,” Gutfeld said. “They have us here for a reason, because people like to see the fireworks. Not everybody, nobody wants to hear about policy if there’s fireworks outside, right? And that’s the reality. That is, that debate, is basically the consequence or results of our success.”

Gutfeld then cackled at his own observation.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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