Joe Biden Panned for Evasive Answers, Bloody Eye at CNN Town Hall: ‘Rambling, Incoherent Mess’


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s performance at the CNN climate change town hall was roundly panned as offering vague, evasive answers on climate policy and an upcoming fundraiser with a fossil fuel executive — although many viewers were apparently just distracted and grossed out by his left eye, which inexplicably filled with blood during the event.

Numerous online critics called out Biden for noncommittal responses and thought that he struggled to offer coherent replies. That last criticism centered on a question from an audience member who took direct aim at the 2020 presidential candidate’s pledge to refuse money from the fossil fuel industry, by confronting Biden about the fundraiser the candidate has scheduled for the very next night at the home of a natural gas executive.

But policy discussions aside, the very weird, disturbing drama that unfolded inside Biden’s left eyeball turned into must-see TV for some.

Screengrab via CNN.

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