Joe Walsh: Trump Keeps His Support Because Fox News Hosts ‘Lie To Everybody Who Listens To Them’


2020 candidate Joe Walsh blamed Fox News and other conservative news sources as the reason President Donald Trump hasn’t lost support, saying audiences are “fed these lies every night.”

Walsh, who is challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, told CNN Newsroom anchor Ana Cabrera Saturday that he blamed right-leaning news sources like Fox opinion hosts for why Trump’s base support has remained so steady during impeachment proceedings–singling out Sean Hannity.

“I think it’s people like Sean Hannity,” Walsh said. “The people on Fox News, like Hannity, Ana, let’s be frank, who lie to everybody who listens to them and views them. And so because Hannity and all the rest, they lie to the people who listen to them, Trump will keep his 35% of his supporters.”

“He’ll keep his base because they’re fed these lies every night. And my former Republican colleagues in Congress, Ana, they’re not afraid of Trump, they’re afraid of Trump’s voters. If Trump’s voters aren’t going to move because they’re fed lies by Hannity and all the rest, then unfortunately my former Republican colleagues aren’t going to move either,” Walsh continued.

Cabrera then noted an extremely high percentage of Republican voters approve of Trump according to polling.

“I don’t believe those numbers, Ana,” Walsh replied. “The reason I don’t believe those numbers is because I’ve been out campaigning in New Hampshire and Iowa speaking primarily to Republicans and most Republicans out there that I speak with, Ana, they know the president did something wrong and they’re tired of all of his B.S.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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