Marianne Williamson Says Vogue Hasn’t Contacted Her About a Follow-up After Interview Snub

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said Vogue has not contacted her for a photoshoot after she called attention to the magazine’s feature on the female candidates that left her out.

CNN’s Ana Cabrera noted that Williamson put up a photo with her edited into the photo with the other female candidates. Williamson clarified that she did not create the “meme.”

“I saw it on the Internet because there are so many memes right now with everything regarding my candidacy and regarding my debate performance,” she told Cabrera Saturday.

“Listen, I think all of the women running for president are lovely. I have met them all and I have great respect for them all. Vogue magazine did what Vogue magazine did, I certainly don’t have an issue with any of the women. I think it is significant when something like a Vogue magazine implies that only they qualify,” Williamson continued.

“Has Vogue called you to do a follow-up piece?” Cabrera then asked Williamson.

“No, no,” Williamson said laughing softly and shaking her head.

Earlier in the segment, Cabrera also noted that Williamson had qualified for the second Democratic debates in Detroit–airing on CNN later this month.

Watch above, via CNN.

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