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Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He Would Use Tariffs as President, ‘Not What Trump is Doing By Tweet’

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) confirmed he would use tariffs if he was elected president, and criticized President Donald Trump’s current trade policy as “totally irrational.”

“You do not make trade policy by announcing today that you’re going to raise tariffs by X percent and the next day by Y percent, by attacking the person you appointed as head of the Federal Reserve as an enemy of the American people, by denouncing the president of China, who last year you really loved as a great leader,” Sanders said.

Sanders spoke with CNN anchor Brianna Keilar Sunday on State of the Union. Keilar was filling in for regular anchor Jake Tapper.

Keilar began her interview by asking about Sanders’ position on tariffs, who responded “that is one tool that you have.” She followed up by asking “you say this would be a tool. Is it a tool that you would use? Would you use tariffs?”

“Yeah, of course,” Sanders said. “If it is used in a rational way, within the context of a broad sensible trade policy, it is one tool that’s available. You’re looking at somebody, by the way, who helped lead the effort against permanent normal trade relations with China and NAFTA.”

“We need a rational trade policy today, not what Trump is doing by tweet,” he said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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