Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham Claims Democrats Win Elections Because They Cheat


As its senior ranking member, Lindsey Graham chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he is charged with provide fair and just leadership that should transcend party lines. During a Monday night appearance on Hannity, however, he seemed to throw away any pretense of a broader sensibility when he outrageously claimed that Democrats win elections “because they cheat.”

Graham’s comments echo those made by Kayleigh McEnany during a Trump campaign press event, and the same made by President Donald Trump countless times via Twitter, political rallies, or in television interviews. The thing is that there is zero evidence so far that any Democrats have yet won an election by cheating. None. Nada. Zilch.

Host Sean Hannity teed up his guest, reminding Senator Graham that his campaign was donating millions of dollars to support the legal efforts led by the Trump team to “get to the bottom of” the campaign’s speculative and fantastically allegations of widespread and systemic voter fraud.

Graham responded with a free-form, stream of consciousness rant: “The Republicans, if we don’t fight back now, do you realize what they’re doing? Media polling is a joke….a 17-point deficit in Wisconsin, my opponent was tied with me, I won by ten points…he raised two million dollars, he takes a bogus poll and sends it out to supporters and they get all jacked up and send in money… Republicans get depressed, this is a racket. Social media sensors conservatives when we want to talk to each other and get our point of view out,” Graham said, prattling on.

“The state of play in America in 2024 Republicans is not good we need to fight back,” the South Carolinian Senator concluded. “We win because of our ideas, we lose elections because they cheat us.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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