TBT: Joe Biden Waxed Poetic About Dick Cheney in 2015 — I ‘Actually Like Him,’ He’s a ‘Decent Man’


Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have a certain — if not fondness — appreciation, or respect for his fellow second-in-commands.

In a clip unearthed Thursday by Young Turks correspondent Emma Vigeland, the former veep had some kind words for his predecessor, Dick Cheney. Speaking at an event on the campus of George Washington University in 2015, Biden referred to Cheney as “a decent man.”

“I actually like Dick Cheney, for real,” Biden said. “I get on with him. I think he’s a decent man.”

Biden went on to recount his meeting with Cheney after the 2008 election.

“He was extremely helpful and gracious about the office, and the legal parameters of the office,” Biden said.

This newly discovered clip comes on the heels of recent remarks Biden made about current Vice President Mike Pence — in which he used the exact same phrase, “a decent guy,” to describe President Donald Trump‘s No. 2.

Progressives on Twitter have seized on the unearthed clip, and are not pleased:

Watch above.

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