WATCH: Andrew Yang Says He’ll Be First President to Use Powerpoint at SOTU, Supporters Chant ‘Powerpoint!’


Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang set off a Category 5 Nerd Alert when he promised to become the first president to use Powerpoint in a State of the Union Address, prompting a rally crowd to chant for the presentation software.

At a rally in Seattle over the weekend, Yang was riffing on the inherent flaws in using Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measurement of economic well-being, as one does. As he explained how he would change all of that once elected to the presidency, the crowd chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and waved signs that read “MATH.”

“Are you chanting ‘U.S.A.’ or ‘U.S. Yang?’ I couldn’t even tell,” Yang said, and joked that the chant gave him “Hulk Hogan flashbacks to the Eighties.”

Yang said that this GDP problem would be easy to fix, telling the crowd “After I’m president, all I have to do is go down the street to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and say ‘Hey, GDP, really old, really out-of-date. How about we update it with these other measurements that people would be much more excited about?'”

Obviously, saying “Bureau of Labor and Statistics” was a joke about the Bureau of Labor Statistics that only true nerds would get.

“And then I’d present them all to you every year at the state of the union,” Yang continued, then promised “I’m going to be the first president to use PowerPoint in the state of union. How do you feel about that?”

As the crowd cheered, Yang encouraged them by saying “Yeah, break out the PowerPoint chant.”

The crowd chanted “Powerpoint! Powerpoint! Powerpoint!”

“Yes, this is the nerdiest presidential campaign in the history!” Yang said. “We did it, Seattle! We weren’t quite there until that moment, but then we just did it!”

Yang is probably safe to make that claim, but he’s just begging for some oppo researcher to find a photo of him wearing a Starfleet uniform with a mismatched department insignia.

Watch the clip above, via Ben Hu.

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