WATCH: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Blows Off Trump Phone Call In the Middle of Certifying Election Results


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey received a phone call in the middle of a live broadcast of an election certifying ceremony that confirmed his state’s electors would vote for President-elect Joe Biden. Ducey blew off the phone call, which, judging by the ringtone and Gov. Ducey’s previous account, was a phone call directly from President Donald Trump.

That’s right. Trump appeared to make a last-ditch phone call to Gov. Ducey to keep him from certifying the election results, and the governor ignored the call. The most embarrassing part? It was captured on camera.

The moment was first noted by Arizona local news host Brahm Resnik, which the producers at Morning Joe cleverly cut with footage with Ducey’s prior admission that he had customized the ringtone on his phone to play Hail to the Chief every time President Trump rang him directly. As you can see and hear in the footage above, the incoming call’s ringtone is definitely Hail to the Chief. 

Earlier on Monday, Trump lashed out at Ducey via Twitter, asking why he was “rushing to put a Democrat in office, especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed” during a Republican-led hearing of state legislators.

It should be noted that no compelling evidence of voter fraud has been put forth in a court of law, where attorneys can be censured or worse for lying to a judge, which might be why no court has yet found for the Trump campaign in any material way.

Morning Joe aired the embarrassing footage of Trump getting blown off as a cold open to their Tuesday morning show, after which, Mika Brzezinksi, Joe Scarborough, and Willie Geist all shared a perfectly schadenfreudic laugh.

Geist had the best reaction, in which he noted the cinematic denouement represented by the clip. “That’s the final scene in the movie, isn’t it?” Geist noted. “Where you had a Republican who felt like he had to always answer to Donald Trump, literally ignoring Donald Trump and silencing the music that welcomes him into the room, Hail to the Chief, as he certifies the election in the last swing state to be certified, which puts the final nail in the coffin.”

“That’s your closing scene right there.”

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