Young Turks Host Ana Kasparian Hits Back at Mayor Pete for Bernie Slams: He ‘Brings Nothing to the Table’


The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian responded to a pair of recent statements from Pete Buttigieg that were widely seen as slams against Bernie Sanders, by pointing out the South Bend mayor’s lack of policy prowess, saying he “brings nothing to the table.”

On Thursday’s edition of the TYT Network program The Damage Report, host John Iadarola began by reading recent comments that Buttigieg made to The New York Times, in which he described Sanders’ appeal in 2016 as a “novelty,” and told the paper he didn’t think Sanders could win in 2020.

“I have a hard time seeing the coalition ultimately coming together there,” Buttigieg told the paper.

Kasparian responded to that last claim by noting that Bernie Sanders is “polling pretty well, so… what?”

“And he also has specific policy proposals that he’s been advocating for, literally, for decades,” Kasparian said. “And what does Buttigieg bring to the table, other than a lot of poetic, you know, talk?”

“Honestly, he brings nothing to the table,” she continued. “There’s nothing specific, what would you do? And he thinks that there’s something wrong with running for president and revealing to the voters what you would do and how you would do it.”

Kasparian is referring to the fact that Buttigieg has repeatedly defended his website’s lack of a single written policy proposal by dismissing the very idea of providing detailed policy proposals.

Kasparian then pointed out that while the media consistently presses people like Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for granular details on their policies, “When it comes to Buttigieg, he doesn’t want to reveal what his actual policies are, where his stances are, and for some reason he is better than all these other candidates in the eyes of mainstream media pundits.”

Last week, Buttigieg also compared Sanders supporters with Trump voters, which was also widely seen as an attack on Sanders.

Watch the clip above, via TYT Network.

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