Amy Schumer May Have Tweeted She’s Done Making Her TV Show (Update)

Inside Amy Schumer may be no more.

Last night, Amy Schumer spoke out against comedian Kurt Metzger, who has written on all four seasons of her show and who has made headlines recently for his inflammatory comments about rape on Facebook and Twitter. Social media users called on Schumer to fire Metzger and to respond to the comments. At first, she was apparently blocking users who were demanding action against him by his employers:

She later distanced herself from him, saying “I am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger” and “He is not a writer on my show. His words are not mine.”

Then, she clarified, saying it’s not that she fired him. It’s just that she’s not making the show anymore.

Wait, what? But we need her show. And she’s at the top of her game. The show has consistently good ratings and is a critical darling. It’s been nominated for eight Emmy awards and won two of them- so far. Inside Amy Schumer is up for four more Emmys this year.

Though Comedy Central has ordered a fifth season, however, they’ve yet to start shooting. Viacom’s president of music and entertainment Doug Herzog also indicated that the show probably isn’t going to go on forever. He told Variety in May, “I think Amy’s immediately viable movie career is something that she’s going to be pretty focused on going forward.” On whether the show would go more than five seasons, Herzog would only say “To be determined.”

This isn’t unprecedented. Nick Kroll famously canceled his beloved sketch show Kroll Show after three seasons because he felt the characters were done and he wanted to go out with a bang instead of dragging out stories that no one wanted to see anymore. He figured he might as well end on a high note.

Maybe Schumer is doing the same.

UPDATE — 12:27pm EST: False alarm, everyone. Inside Amy Schumer is not cancelled. She’s taking some time to tour, so the premiere date of the new season is being put off.

[H/T People, Vulture]

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