Anderson Cooper Tells Conan O’Brien He Pooped in an Igloo; Conan Responds: WTF Man?


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper chose to open his interview with comedian Conan O’Brien his Greenland special with an anecdote about pooping in an igloo.

O’Brien responded, somewhat understandably, by asking if Cooper was having a breakdown.

“I was in Greenland years ago doing a story on climate change. And I — I pooped in a shigloo. Have you ever done that?” Cooper asked.

“Are you OK Anderson? Is it the beard? Are you having a breakdown of some kind?” O’Brien asked, pivoting to making fun of Cooper’s beard.

“What’s wrong with you? You look like a very tidy wizard,” O’Brien joked. “It looks like you briefly dipped your chin into a sugar bowl. It looks fantastic, though.”

Cooper responded by saying he could grow a beard because CNN management was off for Labor Day.

O’Brien was on CNN to promote his Conan Without Borders special where he traveled to Greenland to ask about President Donald Trump’s plan to buy Greenland.

“I’m not welcome back, let’s just put it that way,” O’Brien said. “I did manage when I was there to visit a real estate office because I really wanted to make this happen. I visited government officials. I attempted to bribe them. That will be in the special. And I visited a real estate office and offered to split the commission on the deal with the realtor and he agreed.”

Watch above, via CNN. (H/T Lis Power.

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