Angelina Jolie Has Full Custody of Her Kids in a Temporary Divorce Deal

angelina-jolie-e1475272223611For the time being, at least, Angelina Jolie will have full custody of her and Brad Pitt‘s six children. According to the Daily News, the couple, who announced their split last week, have reached a “completely voluntary agreement.”

The news was first reported by TMZ. According to the agreement, Pitt’s visits with his children must be supervised by a therapist, until the therapist allows him to see them unsupervised. He will also be subjected to random drug testing. In addition, Jolie and Pitt will each see a counselor privately, and the whole family will go to therapy together. The agreement lasts for three weeks, at which point the Department of Children and Family Services will make a recommendation for what to do.

Jolie and Pitt supposedly reached this agreement to avoid fighting in court. Once the three weeks are over, however, DCFS may recommend they settle it there anyway.

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[H/T NY Daily News]

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