Ann Coulter Called in Sick to Chelsea Handler’s Show, so Chelsea Brought in Her ‘Body Double’ Instead

Chelsea Handler is often accused of being too one-sided regarding the 2016 election. As a response, she booked Ann Coulter, a very bad comedian and very big Donald Trump supporter. Right before the show was about to tape, Coulter “e-mailed in sick,” and Handler was none too pleased, saying “Do you know how seriously I take this job? I was up at 5:00am this morning reading this piece of garbage.”

But, the show must go on, so instead Fortune Feimster did the interview as Coulter’s body double.

Handler said she had her body double there to give viewers a sense of how the interview would have gone had Coulter showed up. It wasn’t much of an interview- Feimster just read sections of Coulter’s book, In Trump We Trust.

It went pretty much as you’d expect- they talked about how women shouldn’t vote, how torture should be a televised sport, and how global climate change is “pretty gay.”

So far, Coulter hasn’t responded. After today, it’s unlikely she’ll be going on Chelsea’s show, even after she’s feeling better.

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[image via screen grab/Netflix]

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