Bill Murray Actually Ate French Fries off a Stranger’s Plate This Weekend

Six years ago, a story made its way around the internet that in the years since has become folklore as prevalent as any. As the tale goes, a tourist was in Times Square in New York City. He got hungry and bought some french fries from McDonald’s. Suddenly, Bill Murray walked over to the tourist, took a few french fries, and walked away, saying “No one will ever believe you.” True or not, the story has been shared on the internet a ton.

This weekend on Martha’s Vineyard in the airport, something similar happened, and this time there is photo evidence to prove it:

Bill Murray stealing my friend’s fries!

According to Redditor Sonowthatimhere, Murray was “just getting his friends to the airport; flight was delayed so they went for a bite.” After the alleged french fry theft, everyone in the restaurant had “a good laugh.”

We believe you, Sonowthatimhere.

[H/T Time]

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