BREAKING: Bill Cosby Sentenced to Three to 10 Years in Prison

Bill Cosby , according to multiple reports, has been sentenced to three to 10 years in prison after being found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault last April.

That makes the famed sitcom actor the first to be sent behind bars in the fallout of the #MeToo era as women step forward revealing years’ worth of abuse at the hands of powerful males, in part spotlighting those within media and entertainment.

Cosby’s convictions stem from the assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University basketball coach whom he is said to have drugged and molested in 2004 inside his Philadelphia home.

Constand is one of 60 women who have accused 81-year-old Cosby of similar acts including rape, grouping and slipping drugs into their drinks, revealing an apparently lengthy pattern of offenses within the history of the man once billed as “America’s Dad.”

The sentencing was announced Tuesday in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County court following Judge Steven O’Neill decision against hearing additional accusers, a move which likely helped to hasten court proceedings rather than engaging in what could have been a lengthy line of testimonies.

Ahead of Cosby’s sentencing, the judge ruled him to be a “sexually violent predator,” meaning he must constantly keep authorities aware of his whereabouts, should he ever see life outside of prison.

Cosby’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, has made clear his client intends to appeal, however per state law, that process could not begin until after the sentencing had occurred.

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