Brody Jenner Won’t Stop Posting About How ‘All Lives Matter’ and the Internet is Not Amused


In the last two weeks, Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, two black men, were shot and killed by police officers. This, of course, turned the focus of many Americans to Black Lives Matter.

Taylor Mosher, friend of Brody Jenner, a reality star from Laguna Beach and The Hills and step/half brother to all of the Kardashians, took to Instagram just to let everyone know that these killings have “nothing to do with race,” because he believes the world needs to know what he thinks about all of this.


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In a comment, which has now been deleted, he tried to say that these killings have “nothing to do with race,” and also provide unsolicited advice about what to do when dealing with police officers:

I normally don’t speak about this type of stuff, but this is just ridiculous. I can’t even watch the news anymore without getting pissed off. This has nothing to do with race. White, black, brown, any color…if you have an officer of the law telling you to exit your vehicle (or do anything for that matter)…you comply. And not only do you comply, but you do so willingly and follow directions completely. And why in the world would you exit that vehicle with a weapon in hand (allegedly?!) That makes no sense! And if, let’s just say, you DON’T have a gun, why would you not put your hands up in the air and state “I do not have a gun” so that the officers can clearly see that you don’t?? If I, as a white male, did those things, I’d expect that I’d be putting myself in danger of being shot because I’d be making myself a perceived threat. This world is getting out of hand with the race issue. Maybe I say that because I’m not racist. I see humans as equals. You shoot me, or you shoot an African American, we are both humans with the same beating heart. Why is everything these days about race? Why?

Right. Because it’s that simple.

Jenner reposted the comment with the caption, “Amen, T!” The Shade Room got a screen grab.

Jenner also posted a photo of himself, a friend, and a dog with the caption, “All lives matter.”

All lives matter.

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People are angry. One commenter wrote, “Clearly you don’t understand what black lives matter is about. no one is saying ONLY black lives matter.” Some comments were more hateful than that. Others assumed he meant no harm and is acting out of ignorance. Jenner responded by posting a photo of two dogs with the same “All lives matter” caption.


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Understandably, this made people even angrier. One commenter wrote, ‘This is disgusting. Comparing black lives to animals’? You make me sick.”

Jenner shared a screenshot of one of the comments with the caption ‘Hate is not the answer. #alllivesmatter.’

Hate is not the answer. #alllivesmatter

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Jenner’s mother, Linda Thompson defended her son in her own Instagram post:

In it, Thompson said her son is the “least prejudicial” person she knows.

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