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Carlos Santana Calls Out ‘Bullsh*t Fear’ of Immigration on CNN: ‘The Heart is the Passport and Love is the Currency’


Rocker Carlos Santana appeared on CNN to talk about the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, but also weighed in on immigration by calling for a borderless world of love.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow noted “you are a musician very much still but you’re also increasingly a social activist. You were born in Mexico. You were an immigrant to this country as a child. And I’d like your take on immigration policy in this country right now.”

“Rewind your mind to the Berlin Wall coming down,” Santana began. “When the Berlin Wall came down we realized that fear doesn’t work. Any time there’s a wall being erected it’s because of people have fear collectively. Any time it comes down people invest more in love, in joy than fear. And so this wall will come down.”

“I’m assuming you’re not supportive of just open borders, but what would you do?” Harlow asked.

“The heart is the passport and love is the currency. So in my world, none of this stuff exists. This is an illusion that will pass. Eventually we will arrive as humans on this planet to get rid of all this B.S. illusion about, you know, there’s not enough water or not enough this for everybody. All that stuff is bullshit fear, you know? To me I live in a world that is very genuine and solid in believing there will come a time when we will not need flags or borders or immigration because we are one family,” Santana said.

“I mean, you’re calling for a borderless world?” Harlow asked again.

“Yeah. Absolutely,” he said. “That’s realistic. This is the illusion. That’s how twisted and crooked peoples’ minds are. They believe this is the only … this is a bad movie made by people who have, they have a love for power.”

“We are all human. And we all have hearts and we all believe,” Harlow said.

“Stay precious,” Santana said, signing off.

Watch above, via CNN.

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