Chris Cuomo Has a Laugh Over Parents Who May Regret Naming Kids After a Certain Game of Thrones Character


(Spoilers for Game of Thrones below)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a laugh Monday night over parents who might be regretting naming their children after a certain Game of Thrones character who went “totally bad.”

The eighth and final season of the hit HBO show has been a big topic of cultural conversation, though there’s been some criticism of story beats, character arcs/motivations, errant coffee cups, and more in the final stretch.

Last night’s penultimate episode delivered a spectacle of devastation as Daenerys Targaryen decided to go ahead and fly over King’s Landing on her dragon as it breathed fire and rained hell upon the city, killing many innocents.

And as Cuomo brought up tonight, there are parents who have named their children after many Game of Thrones characters––for this particular character, both Daenerys and Khaleesi.

So Cuomo wondered how people who made that decision feel now that they’ve watched her actions in this most recent episode.

And he roped Don Lemon into the proceedings, asking, “If you’re a parent and you named your kid after a character in a TV show that you love, and that character winds up being a homicidal maniac, what do you do?”

Lemon dryly said, “I would never name my child after a television character… but if you made the commitment, leave it.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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