Colbert Mocks Maddow for Messing Up Name of His Show: ‘Rachel, How Could You Get It Wrong?’

On Friday night, Stephen Colbert mocked the media for getting the name of his show wrong.

Earlier this week, Kirsten Gillibrand announced on his show that she was planning to run for President.

“The announcement got a lot of buzz for my show— unfortunately, not this show. Just listen to how it was reported on Fox & Friends,” Colbert noted before playing a clip of the show being called “The Colbert Report.” 

“What gives, Brian Kilmeade? I thought we were “and friends,”  Colbert quipped.

He then turned to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who also got it wrong.

“Rachel! Rachel, how could you get that wrong?” Colbert asked. “You’ve been on this show. We wear the same glasses. We have the same haircut!”

He continued on giving her show an alternative name: “But that’s okay. Let it go. I’m not a vindictive man. I will still enjoy watching you on The Rachel Roundup.”

As Colbert noted, The Colbert Report has not aired for over four years.

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