Colbert Rips CBS Execs for Letting Oprah Slip Through Their Fingers: ‘What Have You Idiots Done?’


This week Oprah Winfrey revealed she left 60 Minutes after she said she got a number of nitpicky notes on her performance, including being told she said her own name with too much emotion.

On Friday,  Stephen Colbert responded to the news by ripping the CBS executives for letting the star slip through their fingers.

“Now, we talk a lot about Donald on this show, but every so often it’s nice to focus on someone who is actually qualified to be president— Oprah Winfrey,” Colbert began.

He then recalled the story — as reported by The Hollywood Reporter — about why she left 60 Minutes.

“She was getting performance notes that she never expected to get,” Colbert said, before stressing showing emotion is actually Oprah’s thing.

He then said this:

Well, I just want to say, as a dedicated CBS employee who supports the wisdom of my corporate overlords without question, Please let me  say: What have you idiots done? We had Oprah! You let her slip through our fingers! You madmen! You maniacs! This is mass madness! Don’t you realize you can’t let Oprah go. We already have Gayle King! Put Steadman on Young Sheldon, and we had the full set!

He then concluded by apologizing to Oprah while posed in a 60 Minutes frame.

‘So, to Oprah Winfrey, on behalf of my network, I just want to say, ‘I’m Stephen Colbert, and this is an apology,” he said before imitating the ticking clock.

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