Daily Beast Reporter Scuffles With Pro-Life Movie Crew Member: ‘Give Me My Notes Back A**hole’


A reporter trying to get an up-close and personal look at Nick Loeb‘s new pro-life movie Roe v. Wade got more than he bargained for when a crew member got a bit handsy with his notebook.

Will Sommer, the Daily Beast reporter, was at the Lincoln Memorial Thursday trying to get a glimpse of the filming when a crew member grabbed his notebook.

“Hey, you gotta give me my notes back asshole,” the reporter said, according to audio of the incident obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “Fuck off dude, you’ve got to give me my notes back.”

The crew member then shot back: “Stop following me.”

According to Loeb, Sommer’s sin was trying to report on the dialogue taking place by writing it down.

“He snuck onto the set. Ran on, actually,” Loeb told THR. “He started writing down the dialogue our actors were speaking. One of our volunteer interns took a sheet of paper the reporter was writing on and told him he wasn’t allowed to use our copyrighted material.”

Sommer had a different version, telling THR in an email, “I was seated on the steps with other members of the public for several minutes before this incident. I had identified myself as a member of the press to multiple members of the crew and one of the actors, had my notebook out, and at no point was told to leave.”

Sommer also described the crew member as an intern and said the intern refused to wait when Sommer called police.

He also ripped up pages of Sommer’s notes and according to Sommers “crumpled them up, and tried to hide them in his clothes or bag.”

According to Sommer’s account on the Daily Beast website, police ultimately declined to intervene.

“The officer declined to stop the man, reveal his name, file an incident report, or talk to other members of the crew, insisting that the problem had already been solved,” Sommer wrote.

Loeb’s Roe v. Wade is a low-budget, supposedly secret flick that recently made waves for the number of crew-members who refused to do the project and the fact Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos both reportedly have cameos.

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