Dionne Warwick Tells Stunned Chris Wallace About Cops Harassing Her After She Told Racist Waitress Off at Segregated Diner


CNN anchor Chris Wallace was stunned when Dionne Warwick told him the tale of a racist waitress who called the cops on her after mistreating the singer at a segregation-era diner.

In the last batch of episodes of Wallace’s series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace this season, the host asked Ms. Warwick about an anecdote from the CNN documentary “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over.”

Warwick told Wallace about the run-in she had with police aboard Sam Cooke’s tour bus after she’d told a rude racist waitress to shove her food where it could do the most good:

WALLACE: But you tell a story where you got into a tussle down south with a waitress.

WARWICK: Yeah, we went to a place called the toddle house. Sam was buying lunch for everyone. (Sam Cooke?) And we were on his tour bus… We were designated go in and get sandwiches and coffee and da da da. So we went into this Toddle House and I went to sit down and I was to told you cant sit there. // So I got up and I said well, can we order? She said you go over there and stand there until I get to you. We’re standing, standing and standing. I finally say can can we get our food. You’re waiting till I get ready to give it to you. I say you know what you can do miss. You can take everything I ordered and shove it up. And we walked out. Well we got back on the bus. Sam said, where’s the food. I said its up that woman’s behind. I told her to shove it. He said, what happened. and I explained to him what happened. In like less than two minutes after telling him the story. Police officers walked onto the bus. We want to know who the gal was that was insubordinate to the waitress inside. And Sam said that we don’t have gals on this bus. We have ladies and gentlemen on this bus. This bus happens to belong to me. And I’m going to ask you politely to do midnight getting off. They got off.

WALLACE: So Dionne, I have to ask you a question. I mean, it’s a great story but in that moment, and when you were dealing with racism, we’re you scared.

WARWICK: No, I never experienced anything like that before. And she had no right to be stupid.

WALLACE: And at that time there were a lot of people who were stupid.

WARWICK: I didn’t know that. I’m from East Orange.

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