Finally: The Inevitable Beyoncé/Hamilton Mashup is Here

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but we’re definitely glad it’s here. #Ham4Bey is the Beyoncé/Hamilton mashup that we all need. The song was created by Michael Korte, arranged by Jared Jenkins, and sung by some incredible singers. It features songs including “Alexander Hamilton,” “Wait for It,” “My Shot,” “Guns and Ships,” “The Story of Tonight,” “Crazy in Love,” “Partition,” “Survivor,” and so, so many more.

Somehow they managed to fit in what feels like every song off the Hamilton album and all of Beyoncés greatest hits. The result is nearly 7 glorious minutes of beautiful, beautiful music.

Watch/listen above, via Michael Korte.

[image via screen grab/Michael Korte]

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