Fox Hosts Rip SNL for Slamming Trump Supporters: ‘You are Either Crazy, Racist or Dumb’

The hosts of Fox and Friends were not exactly thrilled with Saturday Night Live‘s depiction of the Kanye West‘s meeting with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

In fact, they found it a bit insulting to Trump supporters.

After showing a clip of SNL’s latest cold open, host Pete Hegseth kvetched, “They use comedy to push an agenda.”

He added: “If you support this president you are either crazy or you’re racist. Those are the two boxes! And because Kanye can’t be racist, then he’s got to be crazy.”

Hegseth — who admitted the sketch was at least a little funny — also slammed the sketch show for bringing West’s mental health into it, an issue he said they “they take seriously all day long until it’s about time to make fun of someone who is being open, earnest and honest with the president of the United States in the Oval Office.”

The Fox host further stressed that the show seemed to be making serious cultural points to “undercut” Trump.

Fox Business host Trish Regan, guest-hosting Fox & Friends on Sunday, agreed.

“Your point about crazy or racist is well taken,” she said. “That is exactly the box. It’s not just SNL, that is the box the media puts everyone in too.”

Then, she made one addition.

“Oh, I forgot dumb,” she added in. “You are either crazy, racist or dumb.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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