WATCH: George Clooney, Jamie Foxx, and More Stars Reveal the First Thing They Would Do If Elected President


Ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, several celebrities were asked by Reuters what they would tackle first if they were elected President of the United States.

“Get as many rapid (coronavirus) tests as we can possibly get that are incredibly accurate so that tomorrow, within the next six weeks, you could jam something up your nose like a pregnancy test,” said George Clooney. “If it turns green, you can go to school or go to a concert or go – whatever, go to the grocery store. And if it turns red, you go home.”

Clooney went on to note that “racial equality” would also have to be addressed. “If Covid wasn’t the main story that would have been our main story of the year, of course,” he said. “And I think we could look at gun violence as well.”

The actor has had much to say about Donald Trump’s presidency as of late. This week, Clooney said the Trump name “will forever be associated with insurrection” following the Capitol riots. Last month, the actor said the president would have won a second term had he only stressed the importance of wearing masks to combat the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx would throw an “after party but with masks on” after he was sworn into office. “Big celebration of just life and humanity but what we really, really need to do is get this pandemic under control and really respect it,” he added.

“And what I would tell people,” Foxx continued, “I say, ‘You know we talk about God, you know we talk about Jesus, but I think that Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, that you’re not bigger than the universe and you have to respect what’s going on and what’s happening.’”

“The first thing that I would do as president is listen to science, and that is a pretty good place to start,” said Kevin Bacon.

Ryan Seacrest kept the mood light by declaring that “Valentine’s Day should be a holiday.”

LeAnn Rimes said she would “tackle hunger and end poverty” in America.

“I would take every step that’s necessary to make sure that all of the people in my country are safe,” responded Yo-Yo Ma.

Josh Groban said “social justice and saving the planet from itself” are at the top of his agenda.

Other celebrities weighing in on the topic include Leslie Odom Jr., Will.I.Am, Alex Winter, Tessa Thompson, David Oyelowo, and Judy Greer.

Watch the video above, via YouTube.

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