He’s…Running? Alec Baldwin Delivers Political Speech Before Iowa Dems (VIDEO)


Actor Alec Baldwin, who has been a consistent thorn in President Donald Trump’s side, traveled to Iowa yesterday to headline the state Democratic Party’s fall gala.

Yeah. Iowa. The state would-be presidential candidates often camp out in, so as to get an early foothold on that all-important initial primary contest.

Did Baldwin just give a campaign speech? He has long been rumored to harbor political ambitions, after all.

Well, sort of. He certainly hit several notes of an early campaign speech. He railed against the sitting president, making dozens of jokes at Trump’s expense. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt also found themselves on the business end of his satirical revolver. Also, again, he was in IOWA.

Otherwise, one could write this off as simply an exercise in political comedy. Baldwin even busted out his famous Trump impression, reading a letter that was “written” by the president.

“I won Iowa by 50 points,” he said as Trump. “It would have been 100 points, but Crooked Hillary and the DNC bussed in millions of voters from out of the state, from cities like Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, but that’s ok.”

Note the Iowa-specific jokes. It had the vibe of a bit that would go down at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but tailor-made to please local Democratic bigwigs.

So, is Alec Baldwin running for president? Yes. No. Maybe. Who knows anymore? We’ll have to wait and see if he pops up at any Iowa state fairs or hog-weighing contests. If he chomps down on even one deep-fried confection, we’ll have our answer.

Watch above, via AP.

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