Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Trump for ‘Outlandish’ Claim That White People Are Being Pushed to ‘Back of the Line’ for Covid Vaccine


Jimmy Kimmel slammed Donald Trump for comments he made at his first rally of the year, hitting at him for baselessly claiming that White people are being pushed to the “back of the line” for Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

“Donald Trump is back on the road,” Kimmel said on Monday night, adding, “He ranted for an hour and 35 minutes. Maybe it’s me, but the material doesn’t — it’s actually not working. It was kind of like watching the Sex and the City reboot — it needed more Samantha or something.”

Kimmel went on to play a clip of the former president telling the Arizona crowd that in New York state, White people are being forced to the “back of the line” for Covid-19 therapeutics.

“If you’re White, you don’t get the vaccine, or if you’re White, you don’t get therapeutics,” he said. “It’s unbelievable to think this. And nobody wants this, Black people don’t want it, White people don’t want it, nobody wants it.”

The claim is entirely untrue and based on a deep misunderstanding of New York health advisory guidelines, which are based on certain risk factors, as eligibility to receive oral Covid-19 treatments are authorized for patients who meet certain criteria.

The guidelines, based on data from the CDC, do list race and ethnicity as risk markers for underlying health conditions, largely because certain non-White demographics have had historically limited access to health care and are currently more exposed to the virus due to their occupations.

There are other criteria that would qualify someone, regardless of their race or ethnicity, to receive the therapeutic — meaning nobody is being pushed “to the back of the line to get medical help.”

Of course, White people also have equal access to the vaccine as any other demographic, as President Joe Biden has repeatedly emphasized that he wants as many Americans vaccinated as possible.

“Where does he even get this stuff? This is a man who hasn’t waited in a line since, like, hot lunch in the fourth grade,” Kimmel cracked. “White people are being sent to the back of the line? I guess Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized at last.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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