Jimmy Kimmel Lauds Trump: Half of His Tweets Have ‘No Misspellings at All’

During a special Jimmy Kimmel Live Intermission Accomplished on Monday, the late-night host dedicated his show to praising President Donald Trump including listing his accomplishments in his first two years in office.

“The news media says Donald Trump hasn’t achieved anything and that is just plain wrong. And I can prove that it’s wrong with three words,” he said.  “The space force.”

“The list of his accomplishments are endless,” Kimmel continued on. “More than 6,000 tweets in office. At least half of those with no misspellings at all.”

The late-night host then listed Trump’s other successes including “more than 100 days on the golf course” and getting “62 million votes, second-most of any presidential candidate in 2016.”

Kimmel then added: “He wins and he wins and then he goes out there and he wins some more. And how much do we pay him for all this winning? In the two years since he took office, our president has taken zero dollars in salary and he’s earned every penny of that.”

Watch above, via ABC


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