Joe Rogan Says if Disney Wants to Recover From Their Stock Slump, They Should Re-Hire Johnny Depp


Joe Rogan offered business advice to Disney after the company’s stocks have been on a decline.

During the Tuesday episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he spoke with members of the rock band The Black Keys, vocalist Dan Auerbach, and drummer Patrick Carney. The conversation eventually turned to the ongoing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial.

Rogan said, “It’s crazy town and there’s no script!”

“Yeah,” agreed Carney.

“Johnny comes off pretty fucking smooth though,” Rogan added. “Seems like a nice guy.”

“He seems entertained too,” Auerbach added.

“Yeah. Yeah. He’s a guy who’s uh, he likes to party,” Rogan said. “Seems like he got himself all wrapped up in a bad situation.”

“We’ve hung out with him,” Carney said. “He’s so nice. Someone, um, someone tweeted, like ‘When did he, when did Johnny Depp start looking like a strip club DJ?’ Pretty accurate.”

“I wonder if they’re gonna put him back on Pirates of the Caribbean?” Rogan asked.

“If Disney wanted to reclaim all the stock that they’ve lost, all the, the market share they’ve lost over the last couple months. I guarantee, you say, fuck it ‘We’re on team Johnny Depp.’ That would probably pump up their stock market price,” Rogan suggested. “Like literally, that would cause their stock to raise. If they like, just like, you know what? We’re bringing Johnny back. We believe him. Maybe hashtag believe most women, maybe.”

“They could, uh, cast them both,” Carney added.

“Together alongside each other. That’s the resolution. Look, we know a lot of crazy women are great actors,” Rogan said.

“Everybody would watch that!” Auerbach said.

Rogan continued, “Just accept her for who she is, she’s crazy. Maybe they can fucking shake hands on this and come together. ‘Listen, listen, listen, I’ve got a better idea. Instead of us suing each other into oblivion, how about we star in a fucking movie about its fellow pirates.'”

“Maybe they fall back in love,” Carney added.

“She used to fucking — she’s the, the bad pirate and they like, they have to like duke it out and eventually they wind up making out,” Rogan said jokingly.

“They fall in love and then they kill each other,” Auerbach added.

“They get remarried,” Rogan said. “The real Johnny Depp and the real Amber Heard get re-married during the making of this movie, ’cause they fall in love again while pretending to be in love for this movie.”

“That’s twisted,” concluded Carney.

Listen above via The Joe Rogan Experience.


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