Kanye West Requires a Hennessy and Coke Slushie Machine Backstage on Tour

Kanye West is known neither for his subtlety nor his modesty. Yeezy is a perfectionist, and the man wants what he wants. On a past concert rider, he demanded only cylindrical vases, and a speaker that was discontinued over ten years ago. His grocery list included $3,200 worth of liquor, including 3 bottles of Paradis Hennessy.

On his current tour for The Life of Pablo, he’s one-upped himself. He has a frozen Hennessy and Coke machine backstage, as well as one for frozen Grey Goose and lemonade. Kim Kardashian West sent a Snapchat photo of the machines with the caption, “Pablo rider is LIT”

Kanye and Hennessy have a long and storied history together. Before storming the VMAs stage in 2009 while Taylor Swift was accepting her award, he drank half a bottle of the stuff.

At this point we would be disappointed in Kanye if he didn’t have a Hennessy slushie machine backstage He just wouldn’t be Kanye.

[H/T First We Feast]

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