Kevin Hart Tells Colbert He’s ‘Done’ Apologizing: ‘I’m Just Over It’

Speaking with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, Kevin Hart said he was over hosting the Oscars and all the brouhaha that has been surrounding him over the last month.

He also said if he had to do things again, he would not have handled it differently.

“Is there anything about the way you handled this situation over the last month that you would change if you had a time machine?” Colbert asked Hart.

Hart said he would not.

“Really?” Colbert pressed.

“I’m just over it. It is an onion it is an onion, so no matter how many times you keep peeling it, it is just endless. If you keep peeling it, it just doesn’t stop. There is no end to it,” Hart replied.

He added: “Like I apologized. I apologized again. I said I apologized before. I apologized after that apology. It keeps going and every headline is ‘you apologized’…I’m done.”

He later said that if he was ready for the Oscars and would have brought some heat.

“I was going to be good. I had some stuff. I had some heat. I had some real good jokes,” Hart claimed.

Hart lost his Oscars hosting gig after years-old homophobic tweets emerged. So far, the Oscars does not plan to replace Hart and instead will go without a host.

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