Kevin Smith Says He is ‘Living on Borrowed Time’ After Massive Heart Attack

Following his massive heart attack, film director Kevin Smith is in recovery — having just returned home after several days in the hospital.

The 47-year-old seems to think he doesn’t have much time left, however, telling podcast host Ralph Garman he is “living on borrowed time.”

“I don’t want to say I feel like a dead man walking, but I do feel like I’m not supposed to be here anymore, and it doesn’t make me want to leave, but it makes me appreciate how … like, all right, let’s do everything,” Smith told the podcaster.

“I was supposed to be dead in that room, no doubt.”

Smith said doctors told him he had suffered from a “100 percent blockage of my LAD artery.” His father died two months he was diagnosed with a similar condition.

The director of Clerks, however, also said that if it is his time, then so be it. He’s had a great life.

“I felt like, ‘Oh, this is my time to leave the party,’ and I’d done enough, dude,” he said.

“I’ve gone on so many fucking adventures, and heights and falls, plummets, up and down, everything, and I just felt like, ‘Well, the rest of your life, if you live, it’s just going to kinda be more of the same, and you’ve done this and be happy that you got to do it at all. You got to do some shit people fucking dream [about] or will kill themselves to try to fucking accomplish or get in their own lives, and it came to you all so easy. So if this is the price you have to pay for all that ease, checking out before age 50, that’s — how can you argue with that? Don’t be shitty. Pay the bill. It’s time.'”

Smith said that, should his health remain sound, he plans on rebooting his infamous characters Jay and Silent Bob.

Watch a vlog he made while in the hospital above, via YouTube.

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