Laura Benanti Returns to the Late Show as Melania Trump to ‘Make America Xmas Again’

In a sketch that aired on Friday night on The Late ShowLaura Benanti reprised her role as Melania Trump to “Make America Christmas Again.”

The sketch starts with FLOTUS who has been left home alone at the White House to deliver the annual Christmas message. When Trump does not show, she breaks into song.

“It used to be illegal to say Merry Christmas. You’d be punished at the slightest mention. But now you’re free to say Merry Christmas all year unless you’re a migrant child in detention. Boo-hoo,” Benanti as Melania sings, complete with a red, “Make America Xmas Again” hat to emphasize the refrain.

Then, after complaining about how she is bullied and lamenting those who don’t love her “beautiful red trees,” she sprays the trees with a bottle labeled “blood.”

A little later in the packed sketch, Melania receives a phone call from Trump saying he is not coming home for a while.

“If Donald’s not going to be here. I’ll just have to do what I did back when we shared a bed: finish without him!” Benanti’s Melania snarks, before breaking out into a jaunty number where she sings “Merry Christmas to Me” and celebrates being “free.”

Watch above, via CBS

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