Michael Moore Blames Media for Dumbing Down America

During a conversation with the audience at the Rome Film Festival on Saturday, documentarian Michael Moore slammed the media for dumbing down America.

“If you allow rich corporations to buy up and control most of the media, and then put things on the media that are intended to appeal to the stupidity that’s in all of us, you will have a dumb-downed nation,” Moore said.

He also pointed out at the same time corporations are controlling “most” of the media, schools and libraries are closing and young Americans — if lucky enough to get a college education — are taking on debt that will linger until their 40s.

“The more you dumb down,” Moore continued on, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The more likely you are to end up with a Donald Trump.”

During the same talk, Moore also insisted that the popular narrative that Trump won the working class is just plain wrong.

“A better way to put it is he won the white vote,” Moore said.

Moore then pointed out that two-thirds of eligible voters in America are now women, people of color, or young adults.

“They will determine the direction of the country,” Moore predicted. “These are the last days of the dying dinosaur, the old white man who has been making the decisions since the beginning of our time.”

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