Santa and Mueller Team Up to Take Down Trump in Late Show‘s ‘A Very Special Counsel Christmas’


Santa Claus and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have teamed up in a new Late Show holiday cartoon to take down President Donald Trump. 

The cartoon — which aired on Thursday night — starts when Santa gets fired by Trump.

“Dear lying Santa,” Trump’s letter to Santa reads. “You’re fired. Sincerely, Donald J. Trump. P.S. Why didn’t I get my border wall last year?”

The firing, of course, is immediately picked up by CNN which broadcasts Trump addressing the nation on Santa’s firing.

“We need a Santa that puts America first, folks. Other countries are getting presents without paying their fair share. That’s why I’m appointing a new acting Santa Claus,” cartoon Trump says before naming a guy who looks like Santa from his rallies.

Things, though, take a turn when Mueller — who served with Santa in ‘nam — comes to get Santa’s job back.

An elf that served his tour of duty as an elf on the shelf in Russia and the much-alleged pee pee tape then factor into a final plot to knock Trump “right in the ornaments.”

Watch above, via CBS


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