Seth Meyers: ‘Incompetent’ Trump is ‘Like a Stoner Working at a Pizza Place’


Seth Meyers lambasted President Donald Trump for his shutdown performance on Monday, comparing him to a stoner who works at a pizza place and stressing he is “virtually incapable” of coherent thought.

During his Closer Look segment on Late Night, Meyers said that there is “no more basic” of a test for a political leader than keeping the government open.

“Trump is now again failing that test,” Meyers continued on, before noting that this is the third time in his presidency that the government has shut down.

“In real life, you don’t get rehired after that,” Meyers quipped before comparing Trump to “a stoner working at a pizza place” who does stuff like forgets to unlock the pizza shop door.

Then, a little while later Meyers called the shutdown a “self-inflicted crisis” and noted the crisis was because our president is “incompetent and unhinged.”

The late-night host then said this: Trump “is virtually incapable of uttering a truthful or coherent thought about almost anything.”

Watch above, via NBC

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